4 Reasons Why the West Side is Perfect for Young Families

Table of Contents Choosing a place to live in Singapore is already exhausting enough when you have so many things to consider, let alone finding the best one to start a family in. Especially for first time parents or young couples planning to have children, finding the most family-friendly and child-friendly Singapore home can be […]

Jurong Lake District

Singapore’s Second Business District  Jurong Lake District everything you need to know about the industrial development of the west What is the Jurong Lake District? The 360-hectare JLD will be the largest mixed-use business district outside the city centre, with quality offices, housing, amenities and abundant green spaces. A complementary leisure and recreational cluster has […]

Clementi Location

Clementi: Rising Estate of the West  All you Need to know about Clementi everything you need to know about the matured estate of clementi What’s so Special About Clementi? A Brief Introduction ~ Clementi is one of Singapore’s western residential areas that is loved by locals and expats alike. Located in District 5, Clementi is […]