Clementi: Rising Estate of the West 

All you Need to know about Clementi

everything you need to know about the matured estate of clementi

What's so Special About Clementi? A Brief Introduction ~

Clementi is one of Singapore’s western residential areas that is loved by locals and expats alike. Located in District 5, Clementi is a popular residential area with many famous educational institutions situated close by, ranging from primary to tertiary levels.

What's there to do in Clementi?

Sunset Way Neighbourhood Centre is located at the juncture of Clementi Road and Sunset Way. It has been transformed in the last few years to become the hottest dining area in the western region of Singapore. This rather secluded avenue has everything from old-school bakeries, cafes and seafood restaurants.

What makes Clementi Unique?

The disused metal tracks in Sunset Way that was left behind from the old railway lines. There are actually two different sets to locate, one that is a north-bound line towards Malaysia (North-South Line) and the other is a westwards one to Jurong (Jurong Line). If you’re taking a day out to hike and find these tracks, you can even continue the trek along the line and find more lush scenery of the Green Belt awaiting you

Clementi: Some cool tips you should know


Industrial Development: Jurong Lake District (JLD)

The Western Region of Singapore has been the country's largest manufacturing hub and will remain so with the latest Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) plan for the JLD. Three new employment areas — Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID) and Tuas Port will be developed in the coming years. JLD and JID will test-bed new urban solutions and infrastructure to create more pleasant working and living environments for all making neighbouring areas to Jurong, Clementi being one of them, popular places to live for years to come!


Take A Quiet Stroll: Clementi Woods Park

Clementi Woods Park is pathed with tall mature native trees and natural vegetation, where tree-lined paths allow nature lovers to walk every step with woods full of chirping birds and an assortment of interesting bugs and critters to observe.


For the Nature Lovers: West Coast Park

West Coast Park is about 50 hectares of park land, runs parallel to the West Coast Highway. Not only can families partake in barbecuing together at West Coast Park, they can also enjoy camping and flying kites in open areas at the park. Another popular area is the Adventure Playground, with a total of eight play sets and obstacle courses, it is not uncommon for young adults and children alike to be spotted playing around the area.


Newly renovated Mall: 321 Clementi

321 Clementi is owned and managed by Eng Wah Global Pte Ltd, and is a Cinema mall designed to give the whole family a surreal and unforgettably fun experience. Strategically located in the heart of Clement town centre, it is stock full of entertainment, dining, wellness and shopping establishments to satisfy all of the lifestyle needs for the community in Clementi and its neighbouring areas.


Foodies Favourite: Ayer Rajah Food Centre

Ayer Rajah Food Centre is a short walk away from the central area of Clementi, certain to provide delectable and affordable food options for all. Renowned for having some of Singapore’s best Indian-Muslim food, it is commonplace for tourists and locals to flock from all around to visit this humble food centre. Dig into local delights like Indian Rojak and delicious Mee Goreng for jaw-droppingly affordable prices!

Enjoy the quaint surroundings of peaceful Clementi. take a long walk around and talk to people.

Clementi offers an abundance of recreational hotspots for those seeking a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. From exploring nature in West Coast Park, soaking in a bit of history with the old Railway Tracks to a quiet stroll at Clementi Woods Park. If you're looking for fashionable cafes head to Sunset Way or a food haven with an assortment of local delights, Ayer Rajah Food Centre awaits. With this many highlights, it's no wonder Clementi is fast becoming the talk of the town in the West!