Singapore’s Second Business District 

Jurong Lake District

everything you need to know about the industrial development of the west

What is the Jurong Lake District?

The 360-hectare JLD will be the largest mixed-use business district outside the city centre, with quality offices, housing, amenities and abundant green spaces. A complementary leisure and recreational cluster has also been planned around Jurong Lake to leverage on the area's unique lakeside and garden setting.

With 4 MRT lines serving the district by 2035, residents, workers and visitors will have enhanced accessibility to the rest of the island, including direct connections to the CBD, Changi Airport and JID.

Jurong Lake District: Four Main Themes

Hub for the Future Economy

JLD will be a vibrant CBD with flexible and adaptable spaces for the future economy.

The district is envisioned as a vibrant, mixed-use business district with a live-in population. Flexibility and adaptability is incorporated into the master plan to meet the needs of a rapidly-evolving economy.

A New Paradigm for Mobility

A district with a comprehensive public transit network and more spaces dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists

JLD has ambitious car-lite plans, with more space dedicated to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

A District of Gardens & Water

A distinctive lakeside setting with pervasive greenery, public spaces and leisure activities for people to enjoy

JLD will capitalise on its distinctive lakeside setting with pervasive greenery, public spaces and leisure activities for people to enjoy.

A Smart & Sustainable District for the Future

A model district to demonstrate how technology can enable a liveable and sustainable urban environment

JLD will be a model district to demonstrate how technology can enable a liveable and sustainable urban environment.

JLD: What it means for the West


Industrial Development: Jurong Lake District (JLD)

The Western Region of Singapore has been the country's largest manufacturing hub and will remain so with the latest Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) plan for the JLD. Three new employment areas — Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID) and Tuas Port will be developed in the coming years. JLD and JID will test-bed new urban solutions and infrastructure to create more pleasant working and living environments for all making neighbouring areas to Jurong, Clementi being one of them, popular places to live for years to come!


A New Gateway for Singapore

JLD is strategically located near high-value industries, the future Tuas Port, two world-class research universities, and offers convenient connections to the city and Malaysia.

The High-Speed Rail to Kuala Lumpur will open new markets and opportunities in a metropolitan region of more than 10 million people. It will enhance the flow of talent and travellers, facilitate knowledge, business and cultural exchanges, and stronger social links to make JLD an attractive hub for regional businesses..


For the Nature Lovers: Jurong Lake Gardens

Generous green spaces will be a signature of the district. These green spaces will be connected by the Green Loop, which is part of an extensive park connector and cycling network that will stitch the district and neighbouring residential areas together and link these areas to the Jurong Lake Gardens.


Smart Planning: Frontier of new Initiatives

With advances in sensors and computing power, urban planners today can generate, combine and process vast amounts of data about the city. Using new digital tools, such data can be analysed and visualised in various ways, uncovering new possibilities to guide better decisions for our city.


Car-lite Area: Pedestrians Paradise

With fewer cars, roads will be narrower and beautifully landscaped, making it easier to walk, cycle or use personal mobility devices. Car-sharing and on-demand autonomous vehicles will offer the option of a private vehicle when necessary. Car parking will be consolidated underground at the fringes of the district.

Enjoy the quaint surroundings of peaceful Clementi. take a long walk around and talk to people.

Clementi offers an abundance of recreational hotspots for those seeking a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. From exploring nature in West Coast Park, soaking in a bit of history with the old Railway Tracks to a quiet stroll at Clementi Woods Park. If you're looking for fashionable cafes head to Sunset Way or a food haven with an assortment of local delights, Ayer Rajah Food Centre awaits. With this many highlights, it's no wonder Clementi is fast becoming the talk of the town in the West!