A New Gateway for Singapore – Jurong Lake District (JLD)


What is the Jurong Lake District (JLD) Expansion and Why It Matters for People Living in the West

Residential apartments by Jurong Lake in West Singapore

Jurong Lake District is a key growth area in the West ofSingapore. The 2008 URA Masterplan of transforming the area into Singapore’s second Central Business District (CBD) is slated for a 2040 completion. The interesting part is that Jurong Lake District will not just be a place of work. The new 360-hectare live-in CBD is developed with 20,000 new homes, attractive street life, and a rich network of parks and green spaces, water features, and leisure options. It surely will be a bustling district day and night, seven days a week, bringing a lot of new vibrant colours into the neighbouring areas in the West Region Singapore such as Clementi, Jurong East, and Bukit Batok.

JLD: The Era of Singapore’s Second CBD

Singapore Central Business District (CBD)

While the CBD seems like a very exciting place to live in, to actually moving in is a major financial commitment. Housing prices in the area are expected to be a lot higher since the CBD is home to luxury condos, high-end landed houses, and the Good Class Bungalows (GCBs). It is no doubt that you can save significantly more money from choosing a property in the Outside Central Region (OCR) than in the CBD. However, of course, one of the selling points of living in the CBD is its proximity to workplaces. Having a shorter commute to work and longer time to sleep in is the ultimate dream for some people nowadays. 

This is where Jurong Lake District expansion comes as exciting news, especially for people living in the West. From its origins as a sleepy region in Singapore, the western part of the country is being converted into an entertainment and commercial hub with every amenity a modern man can ask for. Being positioned as Singapore’s second CBD, numerous job opportunities will be available. JLD, along with other new employment areas namely Jurong Innovation District (JID) and Tuas Port in the West Region, will create more pleasant working and living environments. Thus, not only shorter commute to work, the development of a whole new city with a vibrant lifestyle offering is underway. It is definitely on the table for residents of Jurong and the neighbouring areas including Clementi in the near future. 

Aside from the fact that JLD is a new beacon of industrial development, another interesting point is that most market watchers agree on how the plan will not cause a big spike in property value in the area. It is because we have known about the expansion plan of JLD for a long time, meaning the various new amenities have already been priced in. In other words, buying properties in the area now is quite reasonable in terms of prices than buying properties in the CBD which, in some cases, most likely about to drain your retirement fund.

Business Meets Leisure in Jurong Lake District

The new exciting work opportunities is a sealed deal considering that JLD is positioned as the second CBD of Singapore. Moreover, in contrast with the CBD which is heavily surrounded by tall and sleek buildings, the second CBD located in the West offers everybody more abundant greenery and fresh air. In fact, generous green spaces even will be the signature of the district. Where business meets leisure might perfectly describe the Jurong Lake District development since the area is going to be a tourism hub as well. 

Rasau Walk along the edge of Jurong Lake

These new and upcoming attractions in the West include the Jurong Lake Gardens which will be the first large-scale garden in the Heartland. On top of that, to leverage on the area’s unique lakeside and garden setting, hotels, eateries, and shops will also be built around Jurong Lake. Meanwhile, a new Science Centre will be built as the jewel of the Gardens and a third island will be developed accompanying a new waterway at the eastern shore of the lake. JLD will eventually have 100 hectares of green spaces, 70 hectares of water body, and 17 kilometres of waterfront areas for community and social activities as well as spaces for leisure and recreation.  

Long story short, Jurong Lake District and its masterplan bring you nature closer to home, the kind of nature which will appeal to both locals and tourists. While the total lack of greenery in the CBD might become problematic especially in the long run, JLD can offer something more for you and your loved ones. How do you like it to live in an area close to both workplaces and nature? You might finally get your perfect work-life balance in this vibrant western region of Singapore. 

Car-lite Concept of Mobility Makes a “Healthier” City

A new paradigm for mobility is introduced in the JLD masterplan. Though some will find it quite too ambitious, the car-lite concept of JLD might bring a better future for people in the West. The district will be well connected internally and to the rest of the island. The new MRT lines and bus routes facilitated by bus-only corridors will form the backbone of this system. The plan includes the future use of Shared Autonomous Vehicles service which instead of following pre-planned routes, on-demand driverless buses can react in real-time to pick commuters up and deliver them to their destinations in the most efficient manner.

Mother and daughter cycling along Jurong Lake Gardens

This concept surely saves energy and reduces overall travel times. With a comprehensive and seamless network of public transport, residents will be encouraged to leave their cars at home and, at some point, there may be no need to own a car at all. Unlike the CBD, the roads in this area will be narrower and beautifully landscaped with fewer cars in sight. Jurong Lake District will have more spaces dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. The Green Loop, which is a part of an extensive park connector and cycling network, stitch the district and neighbouring residential areas together while also link them to the Jurong Lake Gardens. People living in the western side of Singapore can finally have a real shot on reducing carbon footprint with this new concept of mobility brought by JLD.