4 Reasons Why the West Side is Perfect for Young Families

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Residential apartments by Jurong Lake in West Singapore

Choosing a place to live in Singapore is already exhausting enough when you have so many things to consider, let alone finding the best one to start a family in. Especially for first time parents or young couples planning to have children, finding the most family-friendly and child-friendly Singapore home can be a taxing prospect. Your options likely range from a hip and bubbly neighbourhood to one that provides ample space and amenities for you and your family. Well we’ve looked far and wide and here are reasons why the West is an ideal location for new family homes to help you get a head start or to narrow down your search. 

1. Ideal Distance to Both Workplaces and Schools

A young single professional with ideals of chasing a bright career path might find living near the CBD to be the best possible place. With the CBD traditionally being Singapore’s central hub for business workplaces, some of the benefits that come to mind include, shorter commute times, being free from worry of traffic jams and even short walks to the office in order to save on transport costs. But, have you ever heard of a couple raising their family in the CBD? It is really unlikely and the reason is that the CBD is simply not an ideal area for children to grow up in. Distance to nearby schools are a significant problem as your children would have to travel far to some of the top schools in the country. Since primary or secondary schools are far away from any of the CBD’s residential areas, it becomes a big dilemma of choosing to stay so you travel less to work or move for your children’s sake.

Singapore Central Business District (CBD)

Staying would mean you remain close to your workplace, leaving you to either chauffeur your children to and from school (which kind of defeats the purpose of living so close to work) or waking them up extremely early for the school bus. But if you do decide to move away from the CBD, you can live closer to your choice of top schools, sacrificing your own comforts for your children and giving them the best environment to grow and learn. 

But what about finding a place where both you and your children could be close to work and school respectively? Could such a magical place actually exist in Singapore? Well, the Western Region of Singapore might offer you a fresh solution that you didn’t originally consider. The Jurong Lake District (JLD) expansion will make the Western region Singapore’s second CBD. Jurong and the neighbouring areas are about to become a new beacon of industrial development providing plenty of employment opportunities. It is not news to anyone that the West is home to a large number of fine educational institutions of all levels. For instance, there are three top primary schools among many (Nan Hua Primary School, Ruland Primary and Keming Primary School) and four secondary schools in the Jurong East region, including River Valley High School, to choose from. International schools also offer expat families a good option to provide their children a place more equipped with dealing with any inconvenience of living aboard that their children may be experiencing (homesickness or having friends with a similar background). Canadian International School Singapore, One World International School, and Yuvabharathi International School in the West are just a few of the International Schools in the area. 

2. More Parks and Playgrounds for Children

Rasau Walk along the edge of Jurong Lake

Children are naturally energetic and they will need to exert their energy somehow. This is where the local parks and playgrounds could play an important role in their development. Although the central area is not quite a concrete jungle, kid-friendly open spaces and playgrounds are hard to find. The central area is far more well known for its litany of bars and nightclubs that provide nightlife entertainment for locals and foreigners alike. In more suburban areas in the OCR, of course, this is not an issue. Especially in the West Region, lack of greenery and playgrounds for children to run around and play is never a concern. 

Now, with the newly-opened Jurong Lake Gardens, the Jurong East area just became even more attractive a location for families. On top of basic conveniences that include public transportation, schools, and medical facilities, the JLD expansion is definitely bringing nature closer to homes, and nothing beats that when it comes to an ideal concept of family living. Having green spaces within residential areas are especially important for families with children. It is a good place to bond as a family, like having a picnic or playing sports together. When kids grow up engaging in such physical activities, they will be motivated to pursue a healthy lifestyle in the future. Jurong Lake Gardens itself will be Singapore’s first national gardens in the heartlands. It is truly a gem for people living in the West!

3. Extra Child-rearing Support from Extended Family Nearby

Mother and daughter cycling along Jurong Lake Gardens

Other than the lack of playgrounds and the long distance to top schools, another common issue of raising children in the central area is the distance to extended family members. Extended family members especially parents tend to live in old and mature HDB towns, and while being far away from your parents can be something you crave for when you are single, having kids of your own really is a game-changer. Why? One of the perks of living near your parents is having extra child-rearing support. You will not have to worry about working so late and not having anyone take care of or feed your babies. 

The good thing is the Western area of Singapore provides you with new homes in great locations. A mix of public and private housing will be built in Clementi, Jurong East, Jurong West, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, and Bukit Panjang. New homes with younger residents will also help revitalise the communities, including top new launches like Clavon condo and Parc Clematis, while new facilities will make the towns even livelier.